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I became a serious sailor and
I became serious about writing about it.
Get it?

The book "Washing Dishes OnThe Indian Ocean" is based upon the actual real-life log that Mik wrote during the journey from Darwin, Australia to Cape Town, South Africa in summer and fall of 2016. 

The book was to be published finally after 4 years of processing the 5 months journey. 

You are here in the pre-phase of that publishing state. 

It's Mik's finalizing state of thoughtfully having processed the impact of the journey

that changed her perception in depth of her own capacities that do not coincide with reality, 

and also with many forms of energy, she was to recognize and deal with.


How to preserve oneself while losing all points of view?

How to be adjustable to the situations she found herself part of?

A boat is a confined floating island; crew and captain will need to function as a team to have each other's back at all times despite ánything that is going on influencing the dynamics onboard. It can be challenging. 


Add to that the fluctuation in a romantic relationship inflicted by powers of 

selfishness and greed camouflaged by lies and deceit, leading only to destruction and hurt. 

It's a spicy recipe for a book.

Of course, there is more to the tail than one might presume.

For this is certainly not a book to be judged by its cover.  
Once you start reading you will understand. 


The sailing journey was more than 'just' a sailing journey. This is NOT a story about bad weather drama's or failing sailing gear, navigational disasters and that kind of sensation. Lay it down right now if that is what you seek to find. Because it is none of that. Yet if you are sparked to feed your soul, and intellectually you are ready to expand on your beliefs and knowledge, and even test your own faith, then here is a story to dive into and to forget time.  

This is the log of a journey to the "core of being" or let's say, "the path to the lightness of creation".

Be ready for an adventuresome story embracing passion, sex, loyalty and trust,

engaged by energies, spirits, truth and lies, light and heavy, deceptions and cruelty, 

all leading to forgiveness and the discovery of unconditional love of one person.


An interesting set up of the eyes of consciousness in spectators and subject role players will amuse the reader and keep you alert. The teaching of energies unknown to most has a way of creeping under your skin.

Be ready to never see the world the same way you did.


The book is supplemented by a conceptional monumental art exhibition of moving and still imagery forming a magnificent real feel experience and the perfect event for the presentation of the book to the audience. 

The Exhibit and Live Presentation are open for booking.

Design and concept are copyrighted by the artist's creative intellectual property © MikMoves® 



A MikMoves® Production.

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